Introductory price of 
the new 2019 model:
           374 €
The whole set including 
compressor and hookah:
           832 €
EAZYDIVE is a low pressure full diving kit, allowing short dives down to 10 meters depth




























EAZYDIVE has been designed mainly for boaters, but it can also be used for small pleasure or introductory dives, at anchor or from the beach. Ideal equipment for a short introduction to diving (with attendant confirmed!)


Inflation on board battery
Inflation on a car battery



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Approval : EAZYDIVE is tested at 27 bars, almost three times its normal operating pressure. It meets the requirements of the European directive EN 250 and has the marking
Storytelling :

EAZYDIVE was designed by form

er commando Hubert combat swimmers, each totaling more than 5 000 hours of diving, with all types of diving devices, in all conditions.

Away from the constraints of their former profession, they want to demystify and facilitate diving.

Objective : To enable as many people as possible to enjoy small friendly dives, in an easy and economical way.