PEDAYAK is a kayak with pedals and propeller, fast, manoeuvring,"hands-free".
By its design and characteristics, it completely renews the current practice of kayaking.
Concentrate of innovation, it is the culmination of 10 years of R&D. 
Technical aspects : 
PEDAYAK is an elaborate version of a 360 cm long "sit-on-top" self-draining rotomoulded polyethylene kayak. 
It has the same systems on a restricted space as a real boat, which are: 
- A high-performance propeller propulsion system 
- A steering system with rudder and rudder Their combination (the rudder is located just behind the propeller) 
allows manoeuvrability and a surprising agility on this type of boat. 
Features :

- 50% faster than an equivalent kayak.
- Allows activities such as strolling, fishing, photography, video, binoculars, etc.
- Can beach (the propeller and rudder are protected), go into very shallow waters (35 cm draught), 
go backwards (retropedalling), turn on site, be equipped with a sail, its daggers allow it to rise to the wind. 
He's silent.        
- Can bring a second light passenger.
- Has 2 fishing rod holders, 2 bottle and can holders, GPS holder, empty pockets, front and rear storage bins. 
- Can be used in pairs, such as a catamaran, with an intermediate removable structure, allowing sunbathing, 
bringing children, or taking diving equipment, bivouacs, etc.















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