Under the "Hydro-Gen" trademark, we design, manufacture and sell river and marine current turbines, in a middle power range, 20 and 70 kw.

More than a current turbine, it is an integrated system that allows installation, mobility, maintenance, repair, modularity, evolution, in addition of course of electicity production. Without external addditional staff or means.

The Hydro-Gen technology is really unique because the turbine is located below a barge anchored specifically designed to move the turbine up on the deck and down in the water, with a mere winch, in less than one minute. It is a key competitive advantage, it allows easy operations, cleaning, repair and maintenance. Hydro-Gen has been designed as a low-cost technology, to provide one of the cheapest kwh in the world.

Hydro-Gen is particularly interesting for remote and isolated sites, rural electrification. Hydro-Gen has been the first french marine current turbine to output electric power from the sea currents in 2006.

We currently manage projects in France, Africa, Asia.

In addition of this manufacturing and installation activity, the company provides :

- Consulting, studies, services, trainings in marine and river renouvelable energies
- Marine engineering in Marine Renewable Energies (MRE)
- Innovation, development, prototyping, tests at sea, upgrades for other companies












Front view
Rear view
Turbine on the deck
Turbine down, in output





More informations on wwww.hydro-gen.fr