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Under the "Hydro-Gen" trademark, we design, manufacture and sell river and marine current turbines, in a middle power range, 20 and 70 kw.

Hydro-Gen is a complete current turbine integrated system including:
- a self-propelled barge      
- a current turbine, located under the barge (in turbining), or on the deck.      

The turbine can go up and down in less than one minute. This allows easy implementation and all installation, 
maintenance or servicing operations by a single person in a few hours, and of course without underwater 

The barge and its pilot install the mooring lines and the shore connection cable, or move them according to 
seasonality, in complete autonomy, without the help of any external support such as tug, crane, support 
building, ROV. 

This "all-in-one" concept is the key to cost control. 

It is an innovative, exclusive and unique technology in the panorama of marine and river energies : 
- The easiest to manufacture, install, move, maintain, repair, neutralize, dismantle. 
- It produces the cheapest kwh. 

It is particularly relevant for isolated sites, rural electrification, energy self-sufficiency, non-interconnected 

The Hydro-Gen team has been conducting tests at sea since 2006. Thousands of test results and several 
prototypes have enabled the development of reliable, high-performance, low-cost technology, ensuring its 
customers an optimal use of marine and river energy. 

The company markets 2 hydro turbines with a power of 20 kw and 70 kw.
In addition of this manufacturing and installation activity, the company provides :

- Consulting, studies, services, trainings in marine and river renouvelable energies
- Marine engineering in Marine Renewable Energies (MRE)
- Innovation, development, prototyping, tests at sea, upgrades for other companies