For the Covid shut-ins, David-L'Aquaphile offers you a rock song : "Enfermés!" (Locked up!)

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L'AQUAPHILE is a manufacturing and sales company established since 2006 by Pierre and David Adrian.

L'AQUAPHILE is fully dedicated to innovation, and only creates unique products, from the initial idea to the market, through all the intermediary steps of concept, prototypes, testing and validating, manufacturing, marketing ans sales.

Its areas of excellence are the marine renewable energies ("water power") and water sports ("water lover").

It provides also consulting and training.

The PEDAYAK family, and others exciting products of company, will be at the BOOT in Dusseldorf from 21 to 29 january 2023, hall 17, booth 17D42.

October 2021 : Installation of the first ever current turbine in Africa, on the Congo river. It provides non-intermittent and low cost power to an totally isolated site. Actually the cheapest kwh in Africa.

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The whole PEDAYAK range and the MAC DUCK will participate at the International Paddle Sport Show in Lyon, France, from September 29th to October 2nd 2021, stand C19. Free testing of the equipments on the Rhone river, on Saturday, October 2nd.

L'Aquaphile has adapted its PEDAYAK TRIO for persons with reduced mobility to enable them to enjoy waters sports : Click on the picture and discover the PEDAYAK HANDI.

Philippe is a biking adventurer with a great track records of on the three continents. His next adventure is a tour of the Mediterranean sea. He has selected the PEDAYAK TRIO, with his sail.

He trained for a week in May on the Lac du Bourget and kindly sent us his video. Click on the picture to see it.

Discover his blog.

June 2022 : The Loubassa Essential Services Unit (Congo) is gradually being built up to serve the surrounding villagers: training, production of local products, breeding, etc. Located near villages in an isolated rural area, it is powered by the first hydro turbine in Africa, designed, manufactured and installed by L'Aquaphile.

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L'Aquaphile will be closed from 20 July to 29 August 2022. Remember to place your orders before! We will remain available during this period.

Offer EAZYDIVE for Christmas : Until the end of the year, L'Aquaphile propose a 10% discount on the full EAZYDIVE range of products. A good way to treat others...Or yourself !

October 2022: In addition to the PEDAYAK GRAND PRAO, we are 
pleased to introduce the smaller, more compact PEDAYAK PRAO, which
can acomodate 2 or 3 persons, even in all weathers. 
PEDAYAK PRAO is particularly stable, safe and seaworthy, 
especially when sailing. It can of course be equipped with an electric 
It is an excellent boat, both for the family (it can take up to two light 
passengers) or for the excursion further away from the coast.

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Fancy the sea and the sun? Discover the new video of the PEDAYAK Electric. See the video.

RECENT NEWS (less than one year)
Carte de voeux 2018 de L'Aquaphile:
Carte de voeux 2018 de L'Aquaphile:

David Adrian is a former French Navy Officer, engineer from the Naval Academy and MBA HEC.

After 18 ans in the French Navy, most of the time in the French Navy Seals unit "Commando Hubert", which he has been the commanding officer, he worked for big industrial companies mostly abroad.

Since long passsionate by sea and innovation, he now fully dedicates his time and efforts to the development of innovative technologies, and consulting.


L'Aquaphile offers you a beautiful love song for Christmas, father and son! In English: "We never tell enough to the people we love... that we love them".

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L'Aquaphile does not ship from 18 July to 28 August 2023. Orders placed during this period will be given priority for processing in september.

The PEDAYAK range can also be used for diving with our easy-to-use EAZYDIVE scuba diving kit. Perfect for diving!

A summertime video : Welcome on board the PEDAYAK TRIO for a mini sailing cruise.



















The new products on display on the Aquaphile stand released at 
the biggest nautical event in France, the Nautic from 7 to 15 
December 2019 in Paris : New hookah EAZYDIVE, PEDAYAK DUO, 
PEDAYAK with its sail.

L'Aquaphile at the BOOT in Dusseldorf, the biggest boat show in Europe, from 18 to 26 of january 2020.




During the Coronavirus sanitary crisis, L'Aquaphile continues its activities. All means are implemented to allow our customers to enjoy our products. Anticipate your orders, it helps us to provide a better service.


All our best wishes and season's greetings for 2023.
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Fin du confinement: David vous offre (encore) un rock :"Titanic rock!"

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October 2020 : Launching of the PEDAYAK GRAND PRAO, a device that allows both beach-side leisure activities and navigation for raids and excursions further from the coast in complete safety. With its rigging it becomes a very pleasant sailing boat, always flat and running straight, even in gusts of wind.

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October 2020 : Confinement again, it becomes a mania : "Covidmania" (rock!)

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L'AQUAPHILE was happy to come and meet you in the end 2020 at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle, and the Nautic in Paris.

But unfortunately all these shows are cancelled. See you next time!






November 2020 : Launch of the MAC DUCK . 
MAC DUCK is an innovative human power propulsion system
based on the duck leg motion, adaptable at all the paddle boards.
Put fun and gym in your paddle!

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Discover the MAORA, the mini trimaran dismountable for water sports. Fast, lively, stable, in 3 meters and 68 kg: it is a concentrate of pleasure!

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We are looking for commercial agents and importers.
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February 2021 : Launching of the PEDAYAK Electric.

PEDAYAK Electric is a "hands-free" kayak with hybrid electric and/or 
muscular drive, manoeuvrable, stable, versatile and modular. 
It is a concentrate of technological innovations.

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March 2021 : Launching of the PEDAYAK TRIO.

PEDAYAK TRIO is a trimaran version of the PEDAYAK. It can be fitted 
in Electric version, and equipped with a sail and carry two passengers

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Discover a lot of exciting videos on our
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2 and 3 April 2021:

in Toulon, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. 
Beaches of Mourillon, fourth cove (the one of the sailing clubs). 
Come, join us and enjoy!














































14 april 2023 : Official inauguration by the prime minister of the Republic of Congo of the Essenitals Services Unit ("USE") powered by our current turbine "Hydro-Gen", which was commissioned in October 2021 on the Congo River. This is the first current turbine ever in Africa. Installed in an isolated rural site, it produces the cheapest and cleanest kwh in Africa in a non-intermitent way.

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