The mini trimaran dismountable for leasures




The MAORA is a mini trimaran of 3 m and 68 kg, dismountable, transportable on the roof of a car.

Lively, fast, agile and full of pleasant tricks it will give you sensations that no other leisure sailing boat can offer. Its 6 mē non-haubaned rigging provides power and flexibility. It is a very pleasant sailing boat, always flat and running straight, even in gusts of wind.

It can be used up to 15 knots (30 km/h) of wind for a beginner and 20 knots (40 km/h) for more experienced sailors. The assembly can be done alone and takes 15 minutes.

Features :
- The boat is composed of 4 unsinkable elements in rotomoulded polyethylene: the main hull 
(self-emptying), the cockpit, and the 2 side floats. 
- Length x width: 300 x 250 cm 
- Height: 485 cm 
- Draft (The MAORA has no drift): 20 cm 
- Weight: 68 kg 
- Buoyancy: 400 liters 
- Maximum recommended load: 112 kg 
- Maximum recommended users: 1 adult or 2 children      
- Navigation category: D 
- Certification and CE marking  












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