We have various new exciting products under development but...it is still too early to disclose them.

Please wait a little and come back to our site soon when they will be available!

Some of our past achievements, not on the market :

PEDAYAK Foil, hydrofoil pedal boat that takes off thanks to the only human power, probably the fastest water sport pedal boat ever made :



















Minisub, a small human powered submarine, with pedals and propeller, developped from 1996 to 2003:

Look at the full Minisub video:

Minisub, two-seats version:

Clubic, armchair "Club" stylised, in full composite, allowing all kinds of colors, inclusions of fabrics, clothes, papers, works of art, lights, screens, communicating objects, in order to become itself a communicating device:






Velosubmarine, is a human powered underwater vehicle with pedals and propeller, reaching tremendous speed. In different versions, it allows to dive and evolve under water like a fish. Its successor, Velosub is more adapted to a wider audience of water sports amateurs.